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Kingsera’s forum welcomes any addition to its friendly community. We hope to promote a knowledgeable environment, to increase its user’s level of game skill. Kingsera’s forum would try to create a friendly atmosphere and it is open to all topics, under the rules of the forum.

Here we present the Rules of the Kingsera’s forum

  1. English is the official language of this forum. (Please be courtesy and post in English only.)

  2. The topic’s title should reflect the content of the threads; topics which are inappropriate, according to the Management will be deleted or edited... (Creating Topics with titles such as help, immediate help, very important, just to get immediate attention is not allowed.)

  3. It is emphasised that the raising of questions or issues for the consideration of the Forum, should be relevant to the topic or subject of discussion.( Please avoid from posting questions or issues in other forums that not relevant to your issue.)

  4. When answering questions please avoid using words, phrases and rhetoric questions that causes the user who asked the question any embarrassment or disappointment. (Some players are beginners and may ask minor questions, please be courtesy to them.)

  5. If you do not know the answer of a question, please do not post a thread with a content that causes worry or more questions.

  6. You cannot discuss any kind of suggestions, or criticism and opinion on the performance of the management team of Kingsera because of their absence in the forum.

  7. Any suggestion or criticism of the management should be sent to or to the support section of Kingsera. (Please do not using abusive language in your correspondents.)

  8. Discussion of any topic that causes diversion from the main issues will be contrary to the rules of forum and should be avoided. (Please note you cannot use the forum for a personal chat with a friend, there is a chat room in the game.)

  9. Please avoid from posting repeated topics. (To avoid posting repetitive topics before creating threads or raising questions use the search option on the forum)

  10. On the open discussion forum only, you are permitted to post personal issues or articles and indicate the source of your post, without having personal gains from it. (For example educational article or entertainment article with the source included.)

  11. Hacking discussions especially those that cause harm to others are strictly prohibited. (What is allowed in the forum, are positive cases, such as education in the security of the system or how to confront the hackers?)

  12. The forum of Kingsera is not responsible for any files, images and similar items that are exchanged between the users. (If you download any files from the forum please check it with an antivirus as the “Kingsera forum” does not accept any responsibility for any file sharing in the forum.)

  13. All the contents and opinions expressed in the forum solely represent the opinion the author of the threads and not Kingsera’s. The responsibility of the content remains with the author.

  14. Leaving a comment, opinions and / or expression of any content about racism, religion, ideology or sexual orientation is prohibited.

  15. Compliance with the current international cyber laws is expected.

  16. Insulting or being offensive to any individuals or associated entities to any race or ethnicity in the forum is prohibited.

  17. The users of the forum cannot remove other user from the forum, but they can ask the management to remove a user if they are not complying with the forum’s rules.

  18. The creator of the group would be responsible for the group’s activity in the forum, therefore, if there is a violation in the group's activities contrary to the rules of this forum, the group will be removed.

  19. Any use of trademarks and advertising when making a thread or in the signatures, etc during the post are prohibited.( If the offending user, regardless of the warnings and notifications sent, continues with their illegal conduct, will be suspended from the forum)

Note: all the right to change the “forum Rules” are reserved to the management of the Kingsera’s forum, and any new rules introduced must be respected.

Note 2: In the case of any changes in the “forum rules” the management will inform you by overall notifications or by posting in the forum thread.

We wish you every luck and success.

Official forum of Kingsera.

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